would you do in the event of a serious medical emergency while traveling or living in Mexico?

If getting back home is important to you, then: 

SkyMed Medical Evacuation Plans give you and your family the Peace of Mind of knowing that wherever you are in the basic service area, should you suffer a serious or critical illness or injury, SkyMed is there to TAKE YOU HOME. We are the bridge back to your Medicare / V.A. / Private Health Insurance in the US or Provincial Insurance in Canada. That’s What We Do, and No One Does It Better!!  

Short Term Plans

Our SkyMed Daily Takes You Home Membership guarantees to take you home in the event of a serious or critical illness or injury. For as little as 4 days, SkyMed Takes You Home Daily is perfect for vacation travelers and time-share owners. SkyMed will arrange and pay for your transport to your home hospital in the U.S.A. or Canada should you suffer a critical illness or injury.

Individual price

Only $9 per day!
And no enrollment fee!

Family price

Only $15 per day
And no enrollment fee!

1. Hospital-to-Hospital Emergency Air Transport
Medically equipped air ambulance transportation by fixed-wing aircraft, and we also make the arrangements. Ground ambulance to and from each hospital is included.
2. Vehicle & Vessel Return
Professional drivers for over-land, safe return of operable vehicles (autos, RVs, towed vehicles, motorcycles, trucks) and vessels.
3. Visitor Transportation
Round trip transportation on a commercial flight for a family member or companion to be flown to the hospitalized patient.
4.Transportation for Recuperation
After being discharged from the hospital, we will transport the member to his/her residence to recuperate at home.
5.Commercial Carrier Medical Escort
We make the arrangements and pay for the private care of a nurse escort when the member is not permitted to travel as a regular passenger on a commercial flight. 
6.Minor Children /Grandchildren
If as a result of a critical illness or injury, a member's minor children or grandchildren (up to 18, or up to 24 years old for full-time students dependent), end up stranded, we will provide for the transportation and a companion attendant, if necessary, to return them home.  
7.Physical Remains Return
Should an injury or illness result in a member's death, we will provide for transportation of the member's remains to the US or Canada. Transportation of the spouse/companion and the vehicle return service is provided. 
8.Escort Transportation
Member's spouse/companion to accompany patient in flight on a private air ambulance, when space is permitted.   
Family plans always include air transportation for spouse/companion, even if member flights commercially.
9.Return Transportation after recovery
We leave a window open for 60 days after the hospital release date, in the event of having complications and the patient needs to get back to the hospital.
10.Incidental Expense Allowance
We will pay up to $200 usd for incidental expenses associated with a member's medical flight. 

Protect Your Life and Nest Egg with an affordable
air ambulance membership that is Priceless when you need it!! 

 "It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it"

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Med Evac Sky Med Services

SkyMed is the Gold Standard of medical evacuation plans. If you suffer a serious accident or sudden onset illness, anywhere in the Basic Service Area, as a SkyMed member YOU are the one who decides if you want to be evacuated to the home hospital of your choice in the USA, Canada or Mexico.....even if the hospital treating you can handle your condition! 

SkyMed guarantees renewal! This means you can be confident that you can have SkyMed protection for as long as it suits your lifestyle. SkyMed will NOT cancel you due to age or future medical condition as long as you maintain your plan.
All future medical conditions are automatically covered with no need to re-qualify at renewal time!

In the Basic Service Area, SkyMed even covers you for a flight home if you receive a serious diagnosis but are NOT hospitalized! If you need this type of service from SkyMed, you still have the peace of mind that you are STILL covered for an air ambulance evacuation or a second commercial flight home if you suffer another medical emergency that same year.
No other plan can match all of these important features.

SkyMed offers three levels of evacuation, in the Basic Service Area, but with SkyMed you always go to the HOME HOSPITAL OF YOUR CHOICE in the USA, Canada or Mexico.
1) Air Ambulance: For members in critical condition who cannot fly commercially. Private air ambulance is fully equipped and staffed by medical doctors / nurses.(See Scholey, Jaeger and Molnar Testimonials)
2) Commercial with Nurse Escort: For members who require the care and assistance of a professional nurse escort on their commercial flight home.(See Gough Testimonial)
3) Commercial: For members who are hospitalized and have been approved to fly home commercially. ALSO for members who are NOT hospitalized but who have received a serious medical diagnosis and need to return home for second opinions and or treatment. 
SkyMed Basic Service Area:

All of the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Caribbean, Bahamas, Cuba, Bermuda PLUS 12 months coverage in Mexico.

Trips of up to 90 days OUTSIDE of the Basic Service Area can be covered by GLOBAL which is automatically included in the Ultimate plan. Services covered by Global do differ from those offered by SkyMed in the Basic Service Area (eg. Must be hospitalized to be covered by Global)